My name is Thamar and I started blogging because I knew there had to be more women like me that struggle with balancing a healthy lifestyle, motherhood, marriage and everything in between. I started Heavenly Nature as a means to helping other women trying to eat healthier and finding the best quality affordable foods for their family as I learned to do the same, but it’s grown to be so much more. So in my quest to find all healthy foods and to get myself looking and feeling better, I learned that it’s more than just food. It’s your relationships, your faith, finances and purpose. It all matters! They all go together. So I became a Health and Wellness Coach to support women in creating the healthy lifestyle they want. I’m also a Full Spectrum Doula. Which means I’m trained to physically, mentally, and emotionally support mothers throughout their pregnancy and birth. It’s beautiful, rewarding and such a humbling honor to experience. It can also be scary, overwhelming and confusing for the birthing person. As a birth worker, I create a space filled with support, resources, advocacy, love, and sometimes just a listening ear.