A Few Tips to Keep You Moving Forward

These past few days have been quite tumultuous to say the least and we could probably dedicate a whole blog series about what direction our nation is going in but I digress. I’d rather focus on what we were doing the day before elections and what we need to continue to do. With so many things changing around us, I dare you to keep going or as Luke Cage would say, “Always..forward”. So today I want to give you a few tips on staying the course, creating big dreams and giving you the tools you need to reach them.
First off, the world or sometimes ourselves have a way of telling us that we aren’t enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not tough enough and so on. Understand that you have access to all you will ever need and you are taken cared of every step of the way. You have the ability to choose greatness, to choose more and to live life more abundantly. Say it to yourself every day if you have to.
This year is almost up. What are some goals you can reach by the end of the year? What are your big scary dreams for 2017? Well the very first step in pursuing your goals is to be disciplined. Whatever you plan to create for yourself, you have to discipline yourself to get it. You aren’t being  fair to you  if you aren’t taking daily routine action towards them.
My mantra for 2016 has been “All things are working together for my good”...taken from the bible. It’s a constant reminder that I can trust that everything will work out for my good regardless of the not so good that’s currently happening. With keeping my goals and dreams in mind, I’m confident in knowing that good will happen, I will even meet the right people and be presented with awesome opportunities all at the right appointed times.
While you’re working hard, you can’t forget to nourish yourself. You have to feed your body and soul because without good health you have no wealth.  Self care is critical to your wellbeing. That may come in the form of taking a mental health day from work, a spa day, your morning routine, daily walks or whatever that may look for you, it needs to happen. Spirituality is my number one and having a relationship with God is key. As with any relationship, I must take time to spend with him, consistently and authentically.  Feeding your mind, body and soul will keep you grounded and focused. I recently learned a cool activity to do when there's something i'm truly worried about or even something I want. I write it down, put it in a box and turn it over. I wrote it out and turned it over to the universe. I understand that I cannot control everything and i’ll simply forget it and turn it over to God.  
This world can be a scary place but we all have visions and dreams that we’d like to reach, please don’t let your circumstances determine what’s yours. Live a happy, wholesome and purposeful life. Surely don’t wait to live a bold life. Show up in the world today, as if you’ve already fulfilled your wildest dream! So what are some of your dreams ?How could I help you reach them? What’s are some of your challenges?