Five Tips on How To Shop Healthy on a Tight Budget

Buy organic when it is absolutely necessary! Buying organic is really expensive. So I really only buy the items that we eat the most, organic. My son loves apples and broccoli and my husband loves pears so I tend to buy these items and a few others organic. I also try my best to stick to wild caught fish and grass fed meats. And if I don’t have the money this week for quality meat than I just plan on getting our protein intake from plant-based proteins like beans, and grains and eggs are good too.  Also, use this dirty dozen list to know which items that should definitely be brought organic. 

PLAN PLAN & PLAN. You can’t expect to eat healthy on a budget without a plan. Having one more thing to plan at the top of the week tends to drive me crazy but if I don’t have an idea of what my family and I will be eating for at least a few days then it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. I start by creating a small shopping list to keep me from wandering around the supermarket and adding things to my cart that I have absolutely no use for.  When I get home, I then create my "menu" for the week and cook as much as I can in one or two nights.

Buy in Bulk! Stores like Costco and BJ’s and online stores like Boxed can be very beneficial. Healthy staples like oatmeal, brown rice, raw honey, bulgur or a big tub of plain yogurt can save you a lot of money when you purchase them in bulk. 

Drink Water. Initially I didn't’ stop drinking soda because it was bad for me. I mean I loved the fizz, the sweet taste and all that! But in an effort to save money I found that drinking water from the free water cooler at work and simply buying a reusable bottle saved me from spending money on soda and juice. And if you remember my post about how bad soda is for you, you won’t wanna drink it anyway! 

Buy locally & Seasonally. Visit your farmer's market for fresh produce grown locally because they tend to be a little cheaper. Also shop for what’s in season. So for the fall and winter months, items like apples, squash and sweet potatoes are in abundance right now so they will be reasonably priced. 

Don’t forget to share any tips you may have on buying healthy produce on a budget. Have a question? Feel free to ask in the comment section.