How do I get my kid to eat a string bean?


Simply put, it’s hard to get kids to eat their veggies.  But don’t worry ladies I have a few good ideas that I’ve used with my son to eat healthier.  Here we go;
1.       The most crucial tip of them all is to start as soon as they could eat solids.  Introduce that baby to a fresh pureed vegetable first! Don’t mix it with fruits either, let them get acquainted with the vegetable. Continue to introduce different veggies to them and they will develop a love for them. If you follow this first rule you may not even need the others. But for the rest that have older children, keep reading.
2.       Cut them up! My son is like a little Caribbean man, he loves his rice and chicken. So when I make a side of mixed veggies, I cut them up in smaller pieces and mix it with his rice.  He eats it up.
3.       Don’t keep junk in the house! If you are trying to get your little ones to eat healthier, it won’t work if they know where you hid the Oreos.
4.       Put your fruit and veggies on display. If you stay true to the last tip this can work. Leaving bananas, apples, carrots, snap peas and the like will certainly leave them no choice but to try it.
5.       Mix it! Getting my son to eat leafy greens like spinach and kale is so hard.  Usually I throw them in a smoothie and make sure its smooth because kids are big on texture. When I cook them I usually pair them with other veggies that he likes, like broccoli and cabbage.
So the key to all of this is consistency. To foster a healthy change in your family, you have to be committed to doing so. And one last bit of advice; your kids do what you do! So eat those greens!