I shop at seven different Supermarkets!

When I was just a little girl my mom and I would spend a better part of our Saturday food shopping. But what annoyed me the most was the fact that we had to go from market to market buying a few things here and there. As I got older I understood the method to her madness. While one market was good for the meats, plantains were on sale at another. The Asian grocery stands were good for fresh veggies and fruits and rice and beans were probably a better deal at another market down the block. Now I’m not saying we should replicate her method but I picked up on a few things:
1.     I have to travel way outside my neighborhood for affordable, fresh fruits and veggies. I personally like to go to Trader Joes. I prefer Trader Joes for a lot of my basic healthy essentials that includes green leafy vegetables, bananas, mandarins, almond milk, olive oil, coconut oil, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, eggs and a few others. The prices stay just about the same so budgeting for them is a cinch! And not to mention these particular items are more expensive in minority neighborhoods!!!  One not so good thing about Trader Joes is that they have a lot of tempting high sodium packaged foods, which also get kind of pricey. So I try to stay away from them.
2.     Sometimes shopping at a wholesale store is a good idea.  I have boys that literally are hungry all the time, so shopping in bulk is sometimes a good idea. I love Boxed! People tend to look over the healthy section but there is one! I use boxed for things like tea, these bars that my son loves and doubles as a great snack to send him to school with and a big box of old fashioned oats.
3.     BJ’s and Costco Wholesale stores are good too. I like to get a big bag of frozen fruits to throw in my smoothies and milk is always a good low price at Bj’s.
4.     Now I’m not saying that I don’t go to my local supermarket but it’s usually because there’s a major sale on something or because there’s a new recipe I want to try and I forgot to get it at the two other places I mentioned.
5.     So these Asian grocery stands have something good going on.  You still have to do the legwork to find the affordable and the one with the freshest fruits and vegetables.  You tend to find people from different countries shop in these stores because the wide variety of international foods they offer. So yes you can find me their when I’m looking to make an authentic Haitian meal.
BONUS!  Amazon was so essential when I first became a mother.The auto-delivery for items like pampers and wipes came quite in handy. I also got all my feeding essentials needed to prep for my baby's home made meals.  My life was set!  
So ladies please remember to shop smart, fun and of course healthy! Tell me where and how you shop. I want to hear from you!