Five Things You Need to Know When traveling With Your Child

Last week my son and I had an awesome time visiting family in Georgia. This was the very first time traveling alone with my son. I did everything any normal person would do to prepare for our trip. Packed essentials, got the little travel size bottles and filled them with the items we couldn’t dare to live without for a whole weekend, and packed enough underwear to last my son a lifetime lol.  I even packed packaged healthy snacks for our flight.  But can I tell you that attempting to keep things routine while traveling is quite unlikely;
           1.    Expect delays! That Friday we caught an evening flight and were hoping to reach our destination no later than 10pm. Welp! We didn’t get there till 2am! My son fell asleep even before the plane took off which was a blessing! But I was so worried that I would have to figure out how to carry him and his carry on. Ironically when the plane landed, it was a breeze waking him up.  He pulled his carry on across the largest airport in the country with such excitement. I completely underestimated my inquisitive 5-year old. 
           2.     Eating healthy isn’t as easy when traveling! I guess I may have forgotten this to an extent.  Sure I believed that the same routines we’d have at home would continue for the weekend. Not one bit! We went there for a family gathering! Family gathering = lots of good unhealthy comfort food. With us visiting a new place I wanted to try all the famous eateries. Because eating healthfully is a lifestyle it was ok to enjoy it and to practice portion control.
           3.  Don’t plan to go to sleep at bedtime.  Sleep is so important for the kiddies. But it was so impossible to get him to bed by 8pm every night. Ironically he was successfully still able to wake me up before we could hear the birds chirping!  But he didn’t have school to worry about or homework for that matter so it was all right. The last night there I was able to get him to bed on time and we woke up the same time he’d wake up for school and made him a hearty healthy breakfast.  We talked about school and what he’d be expecting for that day and when he returned to school the next day.
           4.  Get back into your routine! Don’t skip a beat. I forgot about grocery shopping before we left (and laundry). If it’s possible complete these tasks before you leave for your vacation so when get back you can rest and get mentally prepared for the next day.  Get the kids off to bed just a little earlier to give there bodies extra TLC and prepared for their long school day.
I learned quite a few things traveling with my son but most importantly I learned to let loose and have fun with him.  It was ok if he didn’t get to bed in time or have enough veggies while on his trip or indulged in french fries, nuggets and chicken patties for most of the weekend.  But because eating healthfully is a lifestyle and not a diet, we were able to get right back on track.  So mommies, share some stories on what you do when traveling with your children.


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