Losing Weight isn't just about the Numbers on the Scale

Trying to lose weight has got to be one of the biggest problems women deal with because our bodies go through so many changes throughout our lifetime. Our bodies go through so much whether it’s due to the miracle of life, age, or lifestyle changes that added stress and reduced your free time. We need to stop viewing healthy eating as a diet and start viewing it as a lifestyle. In this post, I offer a few tips that could get you on the right path.  
The first step is a change in mindset! Ladies, we work so hard and should give ourselves some credit instead of spending so much time putting ourselves down. Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself just how powerful you are. Be honest with about your weight loss goals. It won’t be easy but it’s all so possible with some practice, and a little bit of faith!
Say no to sugar! Sugar increases the risks of obesity and heart disease. It’s even been linked to cancer. The pounds would start to come off almost instantly just by removing sugar from your diet.  You’re probably thinking how can I remove sugar from my diet? I need it, things just wouldn’t taste the same without it. That simply isn’t true. Once you slowly ween yourself off of sugar, your taste buds will adjust. Soon things that used to taste good will begin to taste disgusting, and you’ll begin to question how you ever stomached it in the first place. Start paying attention to the nutritional content of the foods you buy. Start with soda and juices. They can have anywhere from 24 to a whopping 56 grams of sugar! It may not sound like a lot to you but take a moment to look up sugar equivalency for the things you like to drink, you’ll be surprised. Drink more water and fresh fruit juices. You’ll thank me later!
Crowding out! We love to eat and sometimes after being a supermom, we tend to eat, and eat a lot of whatever we get our hands on. I learned that we don’t necessarily need to cut them out we just need to portion what we eat and crowd out the not so good stuff. Everything in moderation, always keep that in mind. Imagine this, you are about to have some rice and chicken with some fried plantains. Are there any veggies on your plate? If not, before you fill your plate with all that goodness, put your greens first filling half the plate. Fill half of the other with rice, add a piece of chicken with one or two fried plantains. For moments when you’re going out to party, eat healthy at home so you’re not tempted to fill your face with too much greasy food. So the idea here isn’t to cut out bad foods (because that’s hard), just crowd it out.
Exercise Everywhere! As much as I love to be in a gym, a fitness class or working with a trainer, it isn’t always possible so we have to get creative. There are so many workouts you could try online and complete in the comfort of your own home. I’ve seen videos of moms working out with their children, encouraging fitness and allowing you to get the job done without having to ignore the little ones. Check Pinterest, YouTube, even Facebook and start your fitness journey. I promise you won’t regret it. Just start somewhere.
Ladies, please understand that your weight loss journey is only the beginning.  Don’t make it a priority for one season of your life but make it a lifestyle. Being healthy and happy is synonymous with one another and I want you to be both.  Begin this journey knowing that you can do it, you have support and it will be rewarding in the end.