Four Ways to Get Your Family Ready for the School Year

The new school year is upon us and it’s time to get our lives in order. The summer was full of barbecues, sandy beaches and late nights. Now that’s it’s almost over, we are all looking forward to early mornings, long days and parent teacher meetings. Getting prepared to go back to school can be costly and it eats away at the precious summer time we have left. I don’t know if I’m alone in this but I love this time! I love the start of a new season! I am even more excited this year because my son is getting older and I’m learning more and more new ways to get us all ready for the new school year.
First on the agenda is developing a system for preparing breakfast and lunch. Try to keep it simple and organization is key. Create a space in the fridge just for items you are sure you’ll be using in the mornings. For instance, things like rolls, butter, cream cheese, milk, or whatever else you have for breakfast should be sectioned off together. The same goes for lunch items. Keep in mind, your are not limited to the fridge, feel free to do the same in the pantry. Not only does it save time but your children will always know where to find them.
Second, food preparation may take the most time when school starts however there are a million ideas across the web to make it easier and more fun for you and your family. The best thing to do here is to experiment. Utilize these last days of summer to cook up a few things and see what your family takes a liking to. This will help you create a rotation because, trust me, you will get tired of egg muffins very quickly.  Click here to find a few breakfast ideas. 
Next, create a routine to make getting dressed for school easier and more efficient. It seems to me like every school has a uniform policy and it works! If your child wears a uniform then you know what I mean. It makes preparing for the week go ever so smoothly but here’s a tip to make it go even smoother. Take about an hour every Sunday to go through this week’s uniform as well as the gym clothes with your child. Put them on hangers and label the days of the week on each. Make sure the younger kids can reach. This gets them started on dressing themselves in the morning, and it allows for a little bit more “me” time in those busy mornings.
The last tip I have is my favorite! Create a homework station. This is where it all goes down after school. It doesn’t matter if it’s at a desk/table or it’s simply a space held for a basket filled with school supplies, it’ll work once you reinforce that this space is where we come to work not play. This year I’ll be adding a large bin, which will be divided by months to collect all those many, many school papers my son comes home with. It’s a great tool for recognition of growth and achievement.  I keep my homework station pretty simple  but click here to find a few more fancy ideas for creating homework stations.
To make the back to school transition easy, you have to prepare. To make healthier breakfast, snack, and lunch choices, you have to prepare. So use these last few weeks to start doing just that. I guarantee you that the school days will go by easier if you follow these simple tips.
I encourage you all to share any other ideas you may have or plan on implementing to make back to school a breeze. I’d love to hear from you!