Three Amazing Reasons To Start Cooking Right Now!

For a lot of us, cooking is nothing more but a mundane chore. Maybe you have that friend that cooks so well without breaking a sweat! And how about those people that enjoy cooking (rolls eyes). I don’t know, i'm somewhere in the middle I enjoy a good home cooked meal but not a big fan of cooking all the time. Because of this and understanding all the amazing benefits that come with cooking your meals, I really challenged myself this year to cook more meals for my family and besides the summer slump, I’ve been doing pretty good. And please understand that you don’t have to be a chef to create good healthy meals for yourself and your family. But let’s get into why I started cooking more often.
1. Cooking  Saves You Money!  I have a tendency to spend way too much money on food.  We spend money on breakfast, lunch and dinner! By simply cooking breakfast and dinner for my family regularly, we saved so much money and was able to use it for extra-curricular activities. When you go out to eat, your not only paying for your food, you pay for the staff that’s waiting on you, the restaurant’s expenses and whatever else. Which means you're spending maybe 10 times more than what your food was worth if you bought the ingredients and made it yourself.  
2. Cooking your meals is the Healthiest Option! No matter which way you turn it, your food is healthier than store bought food. Now I know we all heard horror  stories about fast food restaurants like Mcdonald’s  so don't you feel better knowing that you made your own meal, and you know exactly what you put into it? Cooking allows for you to eat just as healthy as you desire. If your goal is to lose weight, then cooking your own meals is a step in the right direction. You have complete control over things like the ingredients, portion control and your calorie intake.
3. Cooking Gives You Options! I remember when I was pregnant and I had the weirdest cravings ever but because there was no restaurant that could satisfy my tastebuds, cooking was the only way. When cooking your own food, you could tailor the recipes to your liking, and substitute anything for anything! You can whip up a meal anytime you'd like and wear anything you want to dinner! 
So often we let the media tell us that cooking is boring and how mundane it is but there's something special about knowing that I bring nourishment to my family. Those moments when we’re all in the kitchen together and my son wants to beat the eggs or make his daddy help him make pancakes and we all laugh as he burns it- those times must be good for the soul.  So I’m challenging you this weekend to plan and cook just one extra meal for you and your family this coming week and enjoy it. You’ll be surprised at how satisfied you’ll be.

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