Brooklyn Gets Another Healthy Market! Is It Worth It?

If you didn’t know, Brooklyn recently got a new healthy market.Manhattan's Fairway found it’s way to the other side of Brooklyn. Yes! We have our own uber healthy and fancy health foods store. But is Fairway really worth it? I decided to make a few trips before writing this post.
First, we walk into the produce section and compared to the markets within a 3-5 mile radius, it’s awe-inspiring. The fruits are vibrant, the greens look as if they've just been delivered from a local farm minutes before you entered. The variety of teas and cooking oils are impressive. But the price point varies, their sales are meager, the aisles are narrow and the meats don’t seem fresh and in many cases, a lot of their items are more expensive than their competitor Whole Foods.
Yes,  I said it! Whole Foods has more variety and offers better sales and coupons than Fairway. Whole Foods is located halfway across Brooklyn, so it isn’t so convenient for the Brooklynites that live near Fairway. But since we’re talking about price, how about Trader Joe’s? Trader Joe's seems to be getting the upper hand lately because their prices are really low.  The first Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn is on Court Street, (Downtown Brooklyn).  Trader Joe’s decided that it was a good idea to build another store less than five minutes away. (set to open later this year).  The same neighborhood that has a plethora of other healthy markets,  farmers market and plenty CSA’s. So please tell me why another market benefits this area?
Now Trader Joe’s has really great price points, especially on their store brand items. But can we truly trust them? Trader Joe’s doesn’t use an independent third party certifier like the very reputable Non-GMO Project or USDA. The Non-GMO has even reached out to Trader Joe’s but they don’t feel obligated to work with them. So can we fully trust them when they say their products or organic and grass fed or any other healthy buzz word they use?
So I say all this to say that we have to shop smart. Find a market or two or three that’s convenient. Remember to read labels and don’t be afraid to ask where your produce comes from. All these new markets are coming up Brooklyn but are they supplying and working to serve all the communities in Brooklyn equally? Where are you getting your groceries this weekend?