How And Why You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and this year I’m excited to celebrate it! Don’t get me wrong,  sure it’s a highly commercialized holiday and even a scam to some. But could we please find the love? There’s so much hate going around the world that this Valentine’s Day should be about spreading love and light!  You won’t have to fill your carts with mindless overpriced jewelry and gift sets either. All you have to do is share real love with those around you.
The Kiddies
Before you send your little ones to school on V-day morning, spend a few extra minutes telling them how much you love and care for them and just how amazing they are. Slip a loving post-it in their lunch box with a small gem of sweet goodness to brighten up their snack time. 
Girls Night Out
Schedule a girls night out and head to the city with your favorite girlfriends.  Reconnect with your girlfriends and have a glass of wine and your fave app. Also, remember to schedule some more girls only nights throughout the rest of the year.
The Co-Workers
Surprise your co-workers with small goodies on their desks that morning. You just might be the one to make their whole day.
The Love of Your Life
For that man in your life, no need for an expensive gift or an elaborate date night.  You know your man and you know what he likes. Go for something lighthearted and heartfelt this year. Whip up his favorite side dish or his fave candy from the 90’s. And a card is always a nice finishing touch.
The Village
Heavenly Love.jpg
For those people that you care about but won’t get to see, make a few calls and texts on V-day. Your love matters to those around you and it deserves to be shared.
The World
Share some loving and inspiring thoughts on social media. Spread good vibes all day long with this post or this one here . 
I know Valentine’s Day is overlooked by many but the world needs a little extra loving right now. So spread the love! How do you plan on spreading love this year? Share below!