3 Ways To Integrate Self-Care Into Your Busy Life

Do you have time for yourself? What is your first instinct when you finally get five minutes to yourself? You’ve cooked, cleaned, did homework, bathtime and every task you could think of. Exhaustion hovers over you like a dark rainy dense cloud. Have you ever hid in your bathroom just to get away from your kids? Does this sound like an everyday instance for you? We go through 99% of our days taking care of everyone else. I’m sure that leaves you feeling burned out, overwhelmed and sick. You need to find time to care of yourself. I know your first question is how in the world will I find the time for self-care? When you are able to understand that you are a priority, self -care becomes a breeze. You must find the time and make it happen.
People call me crazy but I am very strict about my son’s routine. After school we do homework, dinner then his bedtime routine.  I don't take phone calls or outings most of the time either. We don't deviate too much from this because it works.Having a routine allows me to stick some me time in there on a regular basis. Once he’s in bed it’s time for me to put some time aside to unwind. Sometimes I give myself manicures, catch up on a few shows or a devotional. Whatever I do, I become fully aware and present that this is "me" time. Sure this may not be the case all the time but because I’ve built a routine, it allows me to implement self-care into my lifestyle.
Use your Sick Days! I like to call these “Mental Health Days” and it’s necessary. It feels so good to have a random Tuesday off and you have the whole house to yourself. You can spend the day in your pajamas...or not. Take a midday nap. Go into the city and get inspired or a walk through the park. Whatever it is, you have about eight promising hours to figure it out. It allows you to truly do something just for you and no one else.
Do not be afraid to ask your village for help.  Your kids probably have two sets of godparents and all your friends are their aunties and uncles and grandparents and cousins. Use them! Ask them if they could pick your child from after school so you could catch a show one night or for a few hours over the weekend to get some peace and quiet on a Saturday morning. It really takes a village to raise a child, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.
If you don’t take care of yourself, there’s no way you can take care of your family. So I’d like to hear from you now. What are you doing to get some me time into your life periodically?Remember that self-care doesn't only equate to full day at the spa (although that would be nice) but it’s found in your daily routines and only attainable if you intentionally make the time for it.