Write Your Way To Self-Care

If I haven’t said it before self-care is of great importance. It’s necessary to your wellbeing. And if you haven’t read the other posts, click here to get started and I'll meet you back here. Self-care has become so trendy but you must believe that our bodies are designed for it.  Our bodies live in a state of fight or flight 24/7, when don’t slow down and take care your yourself.
As I reflected on 2016 I realized how tough 2016 was for me others around me. There were just as many up’s as there were downs but I had to work relentlessly for them. What I didn't realize was in the midst of it all, I picked up on an old habit I had as a child. I started journaling again. But not in the cute pink, lock and key diary type of way. I wrote in old notebooks, on napkins, post-its, printer paper and a lot in my google drive. I wasn’t only writing about how my day went. But I would write through those really hard emotions. I wrote my visions, I made task lists, reminders, goals, prayer entries, listed people I wanted to talk to, or what I wanted to cook. Eventually, I got fancier and started buying journals and getting more organized with my word documents but the concept was the same.
Journaling has enabled me to create the life I want. It’s my therapy, my reminder, my most precious moments with God and more.
You see, journaling helps you to see what's going on with you. It challenges you to be resilient in the face of your struggles. It also clarifies your thoughts and feelings. Journaling works and you have to give it a whole-hearted try.
Today I have a very special prize for you. I’ve created a journal workbook and its digital!!!  This journal is designed to get you started. It’s divided into five sections that I’ve personally been working through these past few years. Each section starts off with a few prompts to get your mind going. Although this workbook is very goal oriented, I want you to keep track of how you are feeling to write through any issues that may arise.

Journaling is an amazing self-care technique and I hope you start today.