Five Tips To A Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

Spring is in the air and apparently, pregnant momma’s are too! It’s like everywhere I turn or every other picture on social media is a pregnant lady struttin’ her stuff. I'm so excited!  This moment in your life is beautiful, scary, life altering and quite humbling all in one! I don’t know how else to describe it but it's extraordinary. So there’s a lot for us to tackle this month on what to do to have a happy healthy pregnancy. Today I’ll be sharing 5 easy tips for a healthy pregnancy.
EAT REAL FOOD! If you didn’t know before, your body is a temple; a holy place so treat it as such. Nourish your body with whole good for you foods. Stay away from ingredients that you can’t pronounce or have to look up. You want to give your baby the very best from the beginning. Pregnancy has a few challenges all on it’s own so do yourself a favor and nourish yourself so you are well prepared for those challenging days.
STAY HYDRATED!  Your body will have a lot going on when your pregnant. It needs the water to aid in producing increased blood volume, amniotic fluids, and flushing out wastes and toxins.  Pregnant women are prone to constipation, so staying hydrated supports regular bowel movements. Water is the best option but get creative if water isn’t your thing. Eat plenty of fruits, tea, and dress up your water with fruits and herbs.
YOU ARE NOT EATING FOR TWO! It’s pretty much known across the board that women should have about 2000 calories a day right? So you do not need another 2k because you're pregnant. An extra snack or two will suffice here. Healthy snacks include but definitely not limited to; mixed nuts, dried fruits, nut butters, hummus, carrots, boiled eggs, and all fruits.
KEEP MOVING! The biggest mistake you can do while pregnant is not moving. You want to keep the blood throughout your body circulating. You want your heart healthy to keep up with all that's going on. When you exercise it gives way to a smooth pregnancy and an even smoother labor and delivery.  So get moving!
REST! Don’t fight it mama. Your body is trying to make up for all the changes that’s going on in there so you will be exhausted. So embrace it because sleep will become nothing but a distant memory.

For the pregnant ladies, enjoy this precious time in your life. We’ll be delving deeper into pregnancy for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned. If you have any questions you'd like answered, please write them below!