Four Books Every Mom Should Read

Hello my name is Thamar and I am a book worm! I‘ve love to read ever since I was a child and till this day I still curl up on the couch with a good book consistently.  Well I’ve come up with a list of a few great books that I believe all moms should read.
1.     Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right by Dr. Joel Furhman.   This book truly opened my eyes to what and how we feed our family.  How so many diseases are linked to what we eat in the first quarter of our lives and what we can do protect our children from diseases like obesity and heart disease. It will definitely change your perspective on what you’re feeding yourself and your children.
2.     Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose Power and Possibilities by Tony Robbins & Chrystal Evans Hurst.  In the midst of being a mom, wife, best friend, sister, businesswoman, employee, and volunteer  sometimes we  lose our selves.  In just being a mother alone, it’s quite overwhelming and I must say I had to rediscover my purpose and identity. Kingdom Woman brings it all back home. Sometimes we have to let God in and interrupt what we have going on to find ourselves again and because in no way would  I want to get in the way of his best. Ladies if you don’t get any other book on this list, please get this one.
  3. Einstein Never Used Flash Cards: How our Children Really Learn and Why They Need To Play More and Memorize Less by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff & Kirsten Hirsh-Pasek I believe the title speaks for it self. New mothers get so crazy about teaching their babies everything before they can talk!  “Play” is so important for babies. Just let them be babies and play! This $10 book will keep you from spending hundreds of dollars on “learning toys”. It’s filled with free age appropriate games that encourage creative play for your little one.
4.   Mama Needs a Do-Over: Simple Steps to Turning Your Day Around by Lisa Pennington  Have you every had one of those days where you just wanted to pull all your hair out or when you walked into your home and it was a complete mess and all you wanted to do was walk right back out? Well Pennington gives us real life examples and a unique perspective of how she deals with it all. My favorite story is when she thought she was in a zoo. She had no idea how she would stop her kids. So she joined them!  She turned it into a game and they all played for about 10 minutes and after she even got them to help her with dinner. This book is definitely one to keep in your back pocket for those hard days. 
Like I’ve said before, I truly love to read and I don’t mean to sound so cliché but reading is FUNdamental!!! LOL! Please tell me which books you get and what you loved most about them. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.