Five Tips To A Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

Spring is in the air and apparently, pregnant momma’s are too! It’s like everywhere I turn or every other picture on social media is a pregnant lady struttin’ her stuff. I'm so excited!  This moment in your life is beautiful, scary, life altering and quite humbling all in one! I don’t know how else to describe it but it's extraordinary. So there’s a lot for us to tackle this month on what to do to have a happy healthy pregnancy. Today I’ll be sharing 5 easy tips for a healthy pregnancy.
EAT REAL FOOD! If you didn’t know before, your body is a temple; a holy place so treat it as such. Nourish your body with whole good for you foods. Stay away from ingredients that you can’t pronounce or have to look up. You want to give your baby the very best from the beginning. Pregnancy has a few challenges all on it’s own so do yourself a favor and nourish yourself so you are well prepared for those challenging days.
STAY HYDRATED!  Your body will have a lot going on when your pregnant. It needs the water to aid in producing increased blood volume, amniotic fluids, and flushing out wastes and toxins.  Pregnant women are prone to constipation, so staying hydrated supports regular bowel movements. Water is the best option but get creative if water isn’t your thing. Eat plenty of fruits, tea, and dress up your water with fruits and herbs.
YOU ARE NOT EATING FOR TWO! It’s pretty much known across the board that women should have about 2000 calories a day right? So you do not need another 2k because you're pregnant. An extra snack or two will suffice here. Healthy snacks include but definitely not limited to; mixed nuts, dried fruits, nut butters, hummus, carrots, boiled eggs, and all fruits.
KEEP MOVING! The biggest mistake you can do while pregnant is not moving. You want to keep the blood throughout your body circulating. You want your heart healthy to keep up with all that's going on. When you exercise it gives way to a smooth pregnancy and an even smoother labor and delivery.  So get moving!
REST! Don’t fight it mama. Your body is trying to make up for all the changes that’s going on in there so you will be exhausted. So embrace it because sleep will become nothing but a distant memory.

For the pregnant ladies, enjoy this precious time in your life. We’ll be delving deeper into pregnancy for the next couple of weeks so stay tuned. If you have any questions you'd like answered, please write them below!

Write Your Way To Self-Care

If I haven’t said it before self-care is of great importance. It’s necessary to your wellbeing. And if you haven’t read the other posts, click here to get started and I'll meet you back here. Self-care has become so trendy but you must believe that our bodies are designed for it.  Our bodies live in a state of fight or flight 24/7, when don’t slow down and take care your yourself.
As I reflected on 2016 I realized how tough 2016 was for me others around me. There were just as many up’s as there were downs but I had to work relentlessly for them. What I didn't realize was in the midst of it all, I picked up on an old habit I had as a child. I started journaling again. But not in the cute pink, lock and key diary type of way. I wrote in old notebooks, on napkins, post-its, printer paper and a lot in my google drive. I wasn’t only writing about how my day went. But I would write through those really hard emotions. I wrote my visions, I made task lists, reminders, goals, prayer entries, listed people I wanted to talk to, or what I wanted to cook. Eventually, I got fancier and started buying journals and getting more organized with my word documents but the concept was the same.
Journaling has enabled me to create the life I want. It’s my therapy, my reminder, my most precious moments with God and more.
You see, journaling helps you to see what's going on with you. It challenges you to be resilient in the face of your struggles. It also clarifies your thoughts and feelings. Journaling works and you have to give it a whole-hearted try.
Today I have a very special prize for you. I’ve created a journal workbook and its digital!!!  This journal is designed to get you started. It’s divided into five sections that I’ve personally been working through these past few years. Each section starts off with a few prompts to get your mind going. Although this workbook is very goal oriented, I want you to keep track of how you are feeling to write through any issues that may arise.

Journaling is an amazing self-care technique and I hope you start today.

The Simplicity of Self Care

Earlier this week I had an epiphany! In less than a month, your beloved health coach will be celebrating a milestone birthday and I really want to do something special for myself. So for the next month, I’ve decided to give up a few foods (like dairy) that haven’t been serving myself well. As soon as I made this decision, I felt a great sense of satisfaction wash over me. It wasn’t a day at the spa nor a cool morning routine but it was a decision I made for myself. It was a yes for me! I listened to my body and I’m giving it what it requires. I’m taking care of my essentials. It’s all about me and no one else. And that my friend, feels really good. 

Self-care is simple. It starts with making decisions that leave you feeling fabulous first.  

It’s waking up in the morning and saying what am I going to do today to make me feel amazing?

How can I be well rounded? 

Will this activity serve my purpose?

Will this burger and fries truly nourish my body?

Self-care is simple ladies. Truly take care of yourselves. Say yes to you. Understand that you are the center of your families, communities, and churches, and you need to start taking care of yourself from the center.  My decision to give up a whole food group for a few weeks serves me well and it’s my way of taking care of me. This way I can show up in the world and do what I’m purposed to do! What will you do to take care of you? What will you do to give us the very best of you?

I’d love to hear from you and if you need someone to help you figure this out, I’m here!



5 Warning Signs That Prove You Need a Lil' Self Care

So last week we spoke about how to find time to integrate self-care into your lifestyle.But today let’s talk about the signs that show us that self-care is needed ASAP.  Sometimes these signs tend to go overlooked or pushed under the carpet. Well the more you push these signs under the carpet, you’ll trip and fall over the pile you've made.

Burn out! You work day in and day out. It’s all you do! You work at work, you work at home, in ministry, and at your kids school. You have reached the point of no more! Some people literally pass out from exhaustion. Others reach a mental breakdown or anxiety sets in. Don’t let it get here! You have to say no to some things or just take a day off or two and rejuvenate yourself.

Brain Fog! You ever sit in front of your computer and have no clue what you were trying to do next. Or if you have a weekly report to hand in but you can’t seem to figure out what to write although you do this task every week. When you don’t make time to replenish yourself, your mind isn’t as sharp as it’s meant to be. You need to step back and take a walk or drink some water. When you are unable to focus on the task at hand, it’s a sign that too much is going on right now and you have to take a break to center yourself.

Are you tired yet? Are you falling asleep at work every day? After you’ve put your kids to sleep, do you fall asleep with them? Have you ever had a full night of sleep and woke up tired? It’s time to take some much-needed respite from the day to day tasks. You can’t keep operating like this. We have a tendency to simply put our need for relaxation to the side. It isn't healthy and you really have to honor yourself and let your body recoup.

How rude?! Yes, you are snapping at anyone that comes your way, like the guy at the corner store making your breakfast sandwich or your boss. How about your kids? Did you really have to snap at your hubby too?  When you are so stressed you unknowingly walk around with such a great burden on your shoulders that instead of asking others to help you carry the load, you lash out on those closest to you. It’s in that moment that you have to step back and identify the real issue and set up a few systems to take care of yourself and apologize for your bad attitude I might add!

Eating like a Pig! Your cravings are beyond this world! You want ice cream and chips and candy and fried chicken all the time! When your body begins to consistently crave those foods that aren’t good for us, it’s trying to tell us something. Your body is signaling to you that something is wrong and it’s trying it’s best to fix it but needs your help to identify the underlying issue. Are you doing too much? Do you need to take yourself out on a date? Do you need to meditate and spend time with God?

Today I just really want you to take the time to listen to your body and see what it’s trying to tell you and fix it. It may not change in a day or two but taking care of yourself is usually the first step and that looks very different for all of us.


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3 Ways To Integrate Self-Care Into Your Busy Life

Do you have time for yourself? What is your first instinct when you finally get five minutes to yourself? You’ve cooked, cleaned, did homework, bathtime and every task you could think of. Exhaustion hovers over you like a dark rainy dense cloud. Have you ever hid in your bathroom just to get away from your kids? Does this sound like an everyday instance for you? We go through 99% of our days taking care of everyone else. I’m sure that leaves you feeling burned out, overwhelmed and sick. You need to find time to care of yourself. I know your first question is how in the world will I find the time for self-care? When you are able to understand that you are a priority, self -care becomes a breeze. You must find the time and make it happen.
People call me crazy but I am very strict about my son’s routine. After school we do homework, dinner then his bedtime routine.  I don't take phone calls or outings most of the time either. We don't deviate too much from this because it works.Having a routine allows me to stick some me time in there on a regular basis. Once he’s in bed it’s time for me to put some time aside to unwind. Sometimes I give myself manicures, catch up on a few shows or a devotional. Whatever I do, I become fully aware and present that this is "me" time. Sure this may not be the case all the time but because I’ve built a routine, it allows me to implement self-care into my lifestyle.
Use your Sick Days! I like to call these “Mental Health Days” and it’s necessary. It feels so good to have a random Tuesday off and you have the whole house to yourself. You can spend the day in your pajamas...or not. Take a midday nap. Go into the city and get inspired or a walk through the park. Whatever it is, you have about eight promising hours to figure it out. It allows you to truly do something just for you and no one else.
Do not be afraid to ask your village for help.  Your kids probably have two sets of godparents and all your friends are their aunties and uncles and grandparents and cousins. Use them! Ask them if they could pick your child from after school so you could catch a show one night or for a few hours over the weekend to get some peace and quiet on a Saturday morning. It really takes a village to raise a child, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.
If you don’t take care of yourself, there’s no way you can take care of your family. So I’d like to hear from you now. What are you doing to get some me time into your life periodically?Remember that self-care doesn't only equate to full day at the spa (although that would be nice) but it’s found in your daily routines and only attainable if you intentionally make the time for it.