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Hey!!  My name is Thamar and I am the mother to an amazing, precious, inquisitive, drive you crazy six year old boy.  He birthed in me a passion for all things healthy.
Being a mother has brought so many things to my attention, and made me so sensitive and concerned to so much more.  What stood out the most for me while being pregnant was what I was putting into my body, my son’s body and even my husband’s body.
But being a young black girl from Brooklyn, my eyes opened up to a lot of the inequalities within my neighborhood and beyond. The idea of me having to trek half way across Brooklyn for fresh fruits and veggies at an affordable price is quite ridiculous. Or when my son was just under a year old, I was going all around town to find all those cool mommy and me classes, the free baby gym sessions and breastfeeding groups in the cold and without a car! Why aren’t these things readily available to us or at least easy to find?
Although I’ve learned so much in these past few years and my journey has only just begun. I want to shed light on a few things I’ve done to make life just a little easier for my family and I. Raising a healthy family in NYC is no easy task but there is so much we can do to help and support each other.  So I wanted to start right here with Heavenly Nature, where I simply share my thoughts, ideas and adventures...hoping to inspire another mommy.

Like what you see? Join me on this weekly journey to a healthier you and me!

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